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Insights to boost success of brands in electronic commerce

See how critical performance indicators in sales contribute to develop brands in electronic retail channels.


Optimize your portfolio and adapt the availability levels to maximize your revenue.
Follow up the availability of products and ideal assortment in digital channels, in order to reduce the lack of items, adapt offer and perform custom promotions.


Assure consumers can find their products
Make an analysis of your virtual catalogs, monitor visibility of products and check how they are placed in each on-line channel.


Protect your brand integrity and increase sales in electronic commerce
Make sure the presentation of products is according to the brand guidelines and see how the content can boost conversions of sales in e-commerce.


Manage digital assets directly in e-commerces and assure integrity
of information on products

Control and distribute appropriate contents
directly in oPOS – on-line Points of Sales, adding image, videos and information that improve the purchase experience and brand engagement.


Optimize pricing strategies and increase your profits in on-line retail
Follow up prices and promotions of your products and competition in e-commerce, in order ti adjust strategies and pricing and make the necessary optimizations.


Analyze all strategies of your competition in e-commerce and compare the indicators
Understand how your competitors are acting in digital channels, with the constant monitoring of main business indicators

Get a full view of how your brands and products are represented in e-commerce.


Gain competitive advantage measuring the impact of your actions before competitors
Manage efficiency of your merchandising strategies, marketing actions and promotions to understand how to boost sales in each category


Identify rule violations and institutional policies on on-line retail
Follow up and monitor the application and regulatory norms to identify law violation incidences, rules and institutional policies in digital channels.


Analyze the mentions on your brand and understand consumer needs
Monitor rankings e ratings of your products in on-line sales channels to assess popularities and comments on your brand.


Prioritize the exhibition of your products according to predefined parameters by brand
Allow to prioritize exhibitions of items per price, click and conversion rate, driving the audience to retailers acting according to digital property parameters defined by brand.


Monitor performance of on-line sales, with data collected directly from sell-out and transformed in strategic insights to develop e-commerce channels
With information on sales evolution and projection, industries increase the planning and driving capacity of marketing actions and digital marketing trade.


Analyze consumer behavior to outline strategies that boost sales
Understand what influences consumer decision-making to build a better purchase experience on on-line channels and boost repurchase.

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